Keynote Speaker

May 20 - 22, 2019 | Crowne Plaza in Porto, Portugal | Learning from the Past – Inspiring the Future

Rudy Koopmans, Ph.D.

TAPPI's European PLACE Conference presents Rudy Koopmans, Ph.D. as this year's keynote speaker.  Dr. Koopmans is the Director of the Plastics Innovation Competence Center (PICC) in Fribourg (Switzerland) and carries out research on renewable plastics development and plastics processing.  Additionally, he is the Director of the Institute for Applied Plastics Research at the University of Applied Science Western Switzerland and a lecturer at ETH Zurich. His background includes being a R&D Fellow at the Dow Chemical Company.

Attend 2019 European PLACE to hear Dr. Koopman's presentation on sustainable plastics solutions:

Plastics and Planet: From Linear to Circular

Abstract: Plastics have radically changed economy and society in just a few decades. Combining excellent functional properties with low cost, plastics are omnipresent. However, the current linear value chain generates major economic losses in terms of wasted materials and food as well as inflicts substantial environmental harm. This demands a fundamental change towards a circular value chain from "cradle to cradle." It requires engagement of all value chain stakeholders including industry, consumers and policy makers, to be responsible and accountable, and to commence collaboration for implementing sustainable plastics solutions. A few avenues are presented on how to address the present challenges and to embrace a novel circular plastics future.