Invitation from Chairman

Letter of Invitation from Conference Chairman

TAPPI PLACE 2017 ‚ Basel – May 22.-24. 2017

Dear visitor and TAPPI colleagues,

With the theme of «INNOVATION crossing boarders» we propose the nice city of Basel in Switzerland to host the 2017 European TAPPI PLACE conference in May 2017. Every two years the experts of the polymer lamination, adhesive and extrusion coating industry for laminates and packaging meet in a city in Europe to learn about and intensify technology advancements in their field of interest.

I’m proud, that this time we can host the conference in my home country. The city of Basel, which is located at the junction to France and Germany on the river Rhine, is the synonym of our well working flow of practiced competence within the value chain of our industries. The conference addresses the specific technical understanding of functionalities, conversion specific details and solutions which have to fulfill the high requirements of our customers and consumers of our offers. The conference will cover the subjects with approximately 40 technical papers across the complete spectrum of our value chain. Within the two days we’ll host in addition key notes, a poster session, table tops and an innovation counter session, where products and solutions will exhibit latest advancements from the individual companies, institutes and cover general topics of burning interest.

The aim is not only to learn, but to exchange ideas on site with the experts. Where else can you net-work with key representatives of our complete industrial value chain? Let you drag into deep discussions during the various breaks or the evenings and let you feel the specific spirit within our TAPPI members which are keen to leverage and progress competences during the event.

The evening of Tuesday we propose a dinner event, where also culture, rest and enjoyment will be addressed. If you, or possibly your partner, would like to explore Basel prior, during or after the conference there are multitudes of possibilities in this historical but lively city.

Basel is easy reachable from any European and international destination. The airport is located only 20 minutes by shuttle bus to the city center. From the train main station it’s a 10 minute ride by tram to the conference center. Explore the city with the free mobility card you’ll receive if you check-in into our conference hotel. The city has jewels such as the cathedral and ancient buildings, the river Rhine with the special people ferries and nice bridges, the shopping and museums. Basel is the host city of the annual Jewellery and Clock fair as well as the known ART Basel. During our stay the world famous Beyeler Foundation marks their 20th anniversary with a remarkable exhibition about the famous painter Claude Monet. Over fifty master pieces from private collections and renowned museums will be on exhibit. A lot of additional reasons to join our European TAPPI PLACE conference during May 22nd to 24th, 2017.

I’m looking forward to welcome you in person.

Warmest regards,

Bernard Fehr
2017 European TAPPI PLACE Conference Chair